The process of breaking off and harvesting trichomes from the cannabis flower through physical contact. Agitation can be made more effective by freezing the product prior to agitation.

"I'm using an agitation method to collect trichomes."

An access point is a state authorized location where medical marijuana patients can buy medical marijuana. Although typically called a dispensary, access points are highly regulated and as marijuana laws become more lax, are springing up in with increasing frequency.

“I hope this traffic clears up, the medical marijuana access point closes in thirty minutes!”

Alcohol extraction is the process of stripping the essential oils and trichomes from the marijuana plant by using either ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Once the extra plant material is filtered out and the alcohol evaporates, a sticky and potent golden hash oil remains. Further purification through vacuum pressure, heat, or agitation can change the texture of the golden hash oil to oil, shatter, or budder, depending on the extraction process.

“I bought some golden hash oil that was made using ethyl alcohol extraction”

The process of shatter or taffy changing consistency into a budder form. Auto-buddering occurs if a product is kept in too high of heat, if it has high wax content, or a variety of other environmental factors.

"Be sure to store your shatter appropriately to ensure no auto-buddering occurs."

The dark and dank smelling liquid in the bottom of the bong. Bong water is the water in a bong that cools and filters the smoke, and through repeated use becomes increasingly dirty. If spilled, bong water will fill the room with an extremely unsavory and repulsive smell. Drinking or spilling the bong water is a stoner no . Replace the water in your bong regularly and all crises can be averted.

“Jim spilled bong water on my couch last week and it still smells like a tar factory in here.”

Bud is a synonym for the flower of the mature marijuana plant. They are the actual nuggets that you grind up and smoke. Buds are the part of the marijuana plant that contain the cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBG, and THCV.

“I really feel like smoking. Did you stop at the dispensary and buy any bud?”

A bong is usually a glass, ceramic, or plastic apparatus that is used to smoke cannabis flowers, herbal extracts, or tobacco. A bong, similar to a hookah, filters smoke through water so that it may be cooled before it is inhaled. In its simplest form, a bong consists of a bowl and a stem, but as the complexity and artisanship increases and the bong becomes more sophisticated, ash catchers, ice holders, and percolators may be incorporated. These additional “contraptions” are intended to further purify and cleanse the smoke. The bong is a staple in any stoner’s glass collection.

“I just picked up a gram of Casey Jones. Let’s take bong rips and watch Finding Nemo”

A blunt is created by dumping out the tobacco of a store bought cigar then rerolling the cigar with marijuana. Two popular cigar brands to use to roll a blunt are Phillies Blunts or Dutch Masters. Blunts are popular because the wraps come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, and can hold a large amount of marijuana. Typically lasting 30 minutes or longer, the blunt is perfect for parties or when smoking with friends. Just a heads up, the wrap contains nicotine so if you are anti-tobacco you should opt out of hitting the blunt.

“Billy rolled a 4 gram blunt to smoke while we watch the Fourth of July fireworks.”

A backcross is a type of breeding that allows the transfer of a desired trait from parent to offspring. Unlike traditional breeding, backcrossing breeds a plant with one of its parents. This process creates a hybrid plant that is genetically more similar to the parent. By backcrossing, breeders can strengthen certain genes in a plant and ensure the survival of rare strains.

“I want to use backcrossing to stabilize the height of my female plant”

The process of creating hash oil by passing a solvent through plant material.

"We've got so much trim lying around, let's start blasting it to make concentrates!"

See Butane Hash Oil

A bud tender is dispensary employee, similar to a pharmacist, who works behind the counter and showcases the stores different products. They are usually very knowledgeable and will help guide you through your marijuana experience. Remember, they are there to help; if you have any questions from strain types to ingestion methods, feel free to ask.

“The budtender recommended that I try a low dose edible because I haven’t smoked since 1973.”

A bubbler is a hybrid between a bong and a traditional pipe. It is a smoking apparatus that is small enough to be held in the hand, but also contains one or more chambers for holding water. Similar to a bong, the bubbler has a water chamber which is used to filter and purify the smoke. Bubblers are typically made of hand blown glass and are easy to transport.

“I’m glad I bought this bubbler. It hits way smoother than my pipe and I can bring it to a friend’s house!”

Also known as BHO, butane hash oil is made by blasting marijuana flowers with butane. The butane solvent causes THC to become soluble, resulting in a butane/THC mixture. Once the butane is evaporated, the resulting product is a viscous and amber colored resin known as “wax” or “shatter” and is very potent.

“Forget smoking flower, let’s buy some hash oil and go for a hike.”

The part of a smoking apparatus where the marijuana flower is loaded. As such, a bowl can also be used as a unit of measurement, which is the equivalent to a few small nuggets.

“Hey I lost my weed yesterday. Could I get a couple of bowls to get me through the weekend?”

One of the most popular solvents used in earlier concentrate extraction. Butane is marginally cheaper than propane and can be used to produce a wide range of concentrate products.

"Today we are using butane as a solvent to make concentrates."

The preferred type of glass for creating dab rigs and water pipes. Made with many silica components, borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock.

"Hey man, want to smoke some flower out of my new piece? It's borosilicate glass, not that cheap China stuff."

A cone is a type of joint that is more conical than a typical joint or cigarette. The cone starts straight and thin but widens as the cone gets longer. A crutch or filter is often included and stops the weed from falling out of the bottom of the cone. It also stops resin from clogging the end of the joint shut.

“I like rolling big fat cones over regular joints. I think they look cooler and smoke better.”

A marijuana concentrate that is similar to wax but softer and more pliable. Budder is a type of hash oil that can contain 70%+ THC (very potent) and must be dabbed using an oil rig.

“I took a budder dab and watched QVC for six hours. They convinced me to buy a fruit juicer 6000”


Made of glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium, the carb cap features a rounded end “the cap” and a pointed handle which doubles as a dabbing tool. A carb cap is used in low temperature dabbing on an open-air oil rig. This device creates a restricted airflow chamber for your concentrates to vaporize.

“I tried low temperature dabbing with my carb cap and the hit had huge flavor and was much smoother than a high temperature dab”

See cannabidiol

Crystals or trichomes, are the part of the marijuana plant that hold the most THC and are specifically used to make concentrates like kief or hash. Typically when looking at marijuana buds, the more crystals you see, the more potent the product.

“Wow, that Purple Haze is covered in crystals. Must be dank!”

Cotton mouth is one of the annoying, but mainly harmless side effects of marijuana. When high, the mouth becomes abnormally dry, similar to someone of shoving a fistful of cotton balls in your mouth then asking you to lick envelopes. A simple solution to cotton mouth is eating candy or chewing gum.

“I bought a packet of jolly ranchers to combat my cotton mouth.”

1. Depending on geography and population, Cheeba is typically a street name for marijuana. 2. Cheeba Chews are popular medical marijuana infused chocolate taffy that originated in Colorado. Known for their potency and consistency, Cheeba Chews are one of the most successful edible products to date. 3. Cheeba Hut is a popular Denver sandwich store that offers a variety of marijuana themed sandwiches. (There is no marijuana actually at this restaurant, just good sandwiches)

“I went downtown and bought some cheeba from the dispensary”

Also known as CBD, cannabidiol is one of over 60 molecules called cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. In recent years, CBD has become very popular for its many medical benefits and can help treat nausea, cancer, arthritis, seizures, pain and many other ailments and conditions. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties and is therefore very useful for those who want the medical benefits of marijuana but not the “high”. Cannabidiol can be extracted from the marijuana plant and can be processed into a variety of different medications including topicals, oils, and tinctures. There are also a variety of high CBD marijuana strains that contain small levels of THC, which will greatly reduce the psychoactive effects when consumed. If interested in high CBD strains a few are Charlotte’s Web, R4, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, and Pennywise. Ask your local bud tender for more information on CBD and its benefits.

“I just bought a CBD infused lotion to help with my arthritis. I can’t believe how well it works.”

A clone is a marijuana plant clipping that can be planted and grown, creating a genetic copy of the mother. Scientifically, cloning is the act of asexually propagating the cannabis plant to create a genetic copy. Cloning is very popular in the cannabis industry and many strains are simply “clones” that are passed from one grower to another.

“ I should have cloned that Purple Haze before I flowered it!"

Most commonly referring to butane or propane extraction, closed-loop extraction is a chemical extraction process that recycles hydrocarbon solvent or CO2 in a closed system, opposed to releasing the gas into the air. The closed-loop method is far safer than open blasting, and Colorado concentrate producers are required to use this process by law.

“People who use open blasting can blow up their house, that's why a closed-loop extraction process is much safer”

CO2 extraction is the process of pressurizing liquid or gas CO2 to its “Super Critical” state, anything over 1078 PSI, and passing it through marijuana. The waxes, oils, and cannabinoids will be stripped away creating a similar product to butane hash oil, but less viscous and more oily.

Indigenous to Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that includes Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica. While Cannabis ruderalis lacks popularity due to low THC and small size, Cannabis indica and sativa have countless medicinal and recreational uses.

A dugout is a hand-held wooden box that holds a small one-hitter and a limited amount of ground marijuana in two different sections. A user would slide open the dugout, pull out the commonly spring-loaded pipe and pack it by pressing it into the compartment containing the bud. Dugouts are popular because of its semi-discreetness and level of easiness to use.

“I don’t go anywhere without my dugout. It’s so convenient to sue anywhere.”

A diffuser is a custom tube added to a water pipe to increase bubbles and airflow, which results in a cooler, cleaner and more flavorful inhale. Diffusers are typically located at the bottom of a pipe and are most effective when slightly submerged in the water.

“Sam said she wouldn’t hit a bong without a diffuser. I agree because why wouldn’t you want a super clean hit every time?”

A dabber is a long, pointy tool used to touch a concentrate (wax, shatter, BHO, etc.) to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe. It’s typically made out of glass or metal and helps the user consume product without making a mess or risk getting hurt.

“Pass the dabber. It’s my turn to take a rip.”

A dispensary is a store that legally sells marijuana in a variety of forms, as well as other products, including paraphernalia and clothing. Depending on where you are in the country, one will find medical and recreational dispensaries, which offer product to medical marijuana patients or to the public, respectfully. Locations can greatly differ from one another, but almost all will feature a secure point of entry and one or more display rooms with multiple product offerings.

“I never talk to Sketchy Steve anymore, thanks to that sweet new dispensary that just opened in town.”

The method of rotating a carb cap on top of a nail or banger while taking a dab. Directional flow caps have curved holes that are extended into the cup of the nail or banger and create improved convection.

"Spin that carb cap to make sure your directional airflow is on point!"

The process of removing waxes and lipid fats from concentrates to create a purer, more stable product. Dewaxing is typically conducted when creating shatter.

"I'm all about dewaxing my shatter for the best consistency and flavor."

Dabbing is the latest method used to consume potent cannabis concentrates like butane hash oil (BHO). Specifically speaking, the process involves placing a small amount of concentrate (or a “dab”) onto a heated surface of an oil rig pipe, which is immediately vaporized and inhaled by the user. Dabbing is rising in popularity with a specific sub-culture within the cannabis world and is known to be a more advanced and potent option versus smoking flower or using a standard vaporizer.

“I have so many friends who are into dabbing now. I feel like everyone’s doing it now!”

A downstem is a long piece of glass that typically connects a bowl with the body of a pipe or bong. It’s an important part of a smoking device, which allows for suction to pull smoke through the space when marijuana is lit and inhaled.

"Connor better buy me a new downstem. That's the 5th one he's broken in the last year."

A domeless nail is a tool that combines a usual dome and nail setup into one piece, allowing a user to consume marijuana concentrates more efficiently. Domeless nails are usually made of glass with a hole in the middle for smoke to pass through.

“Happy that you bought a domeless nail. I was really sick of burning my fingers every time we dabbed.”

Decarboxylation is the process of heating weed at a low temperature to transform “inactive” acid cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA into “active” THC and CBD. Most people decarboxylate their cannabis to get higher potency in products that are consumed orally, like edibles and tinctures
“Don’t forget to decarb that batch, especially if you want to make those cookies later.”

Dank is a term to describe very potent, high quality marijuana. It’s also used as a general word for something that is cool or awesome.

“I need some dank OG Kush to go with my new, dank Grassroots hat, bro.”

Dry sieve hash (or dry sift) is made via an automated extraction method that splits trichomes (the parts of the plant that carry the majority of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) from the marijuana plant, most typically with a mesh screen. Many believe that this process creates extremely high-quality concentrates, but it usually falls short to hash oil or water hash, in regards to purity levels.

“How did you get such pure dry sieve! I’ve been trying to perfect that process for years with no luck.”

A dab is a term that refers to a smaller quantity of concentrate, like hash oil, wax or shatter. It’s consumed by “dabbing” with a heat source and a rig to produce vapor, which is then inhaled.

“Be careful taking a dab hit. You’ll probably be on the ground in a hot second.”

An e-nail or electronic nail is the latest invention in concentrate and dabbing communities. Specifically, E-nails are digitally controlled heating devices that allow the user to keep a consistent heat setting so as to always get the best tasting and potent hit. Compared to the typical hand torch, which often delivers varying results, this tool takes dabbing to the next level.

An eighth of an ounce refers to the typical measurement of marijuana, which equates to 3.5 grams. You’ll find that all dispensaries throughout the country sell product in this specific amount to patients and customers.

“Can you grab me an eighth of Pineapple Express when you run to the store. Don’t forget to get me a gram of Bubba Kush too.”

Earwax is another slang term for hash oil and is one of the more potent marijuana concentrates available today. Marijuana wax usually has very high levels of THC and its texture is achieved from a whipping method in which the concentrate is originally made.
“Parker loves to put wax on every bowl we smoke. Definitely makes our highs more potent.”

Edibles are marijuana-infused products that are consumed orally, versus smoking flower or concentrate. Some of the more common forms of edibles include baked goods (like brownies and cookies) and candy (like chocolate, gummies and lollipops), but can also be found in coffee, beef jerky, soda and more. Eating an edible is different than smoking bud because it’s being digested versus inhaled, which often results in a more intense and elongated high. When consuming an edible, it’s always safe to go slow and feel the intended effects first before consuming more.

“Take it easy on those pot chocolates. You won’t know when they hit you until they do!”

Endo or “indo” is a word used to describe cannabis that is grown indoors, usually hydroponically. It’s also a common term that refers to quality bud.

“Smoking endo, sipping on gin and juice!” – Snoop Dogg

An electronic rig that operates and heats a nail with a battery, rather than a torch. An E-rig is perfect for on-the-go dabbing and has the same parts as a rig, just compacted into a smaller, more portable fashion.

"I'm too lazy to fill up the torch, let's use the e-rig."

Otherwise known as ethyl alcohol, ethanol is commonly used for extraction purposes involving oil used for edibles or topicals.

"Is that ethanol hash oil done purging yet?"
Another nickname for BHO or Butane Hash Oil.
"Hey man, lets dab some more of that fire errl."

A licensed individual who conducts the process of extracting marijuana concentrates.

"I'm super excited to start my career as an extraction artist!"

A fatty is a very thick blunt or joint containing a large amount of marijuana. Typically speaking, a fatty can be shared with numerous people over a long period of time because of its size.

“Tell John to roll a fatty before the show at Red Rocks tonight. I want it to last for a few songs.”

Feminized marijuana seeds only create female plants. They’re specifically bred to do this to make it easier for growers by ridding the necessity to check the sex of a plant (especially male plants that don’t produce flower) to avoid unwanted fertilization.

"I definitely want to find feminized plants for my next batch. Last year's grow had one male plant and it ruined everything."

Flowering time references the period in which a plant produces flowers (bud), typically after the vegetative stage when it’s been actively growing. A plant enters the flowering time when its exposure to light hits 12 or fewer hours a day, typically around the fall in nature. Having said this, growers have the ability to manipulate an artificial growing ecosystem to ensure that their plants flower at a specific time. After plants have entered the flowering phase and are subjected to a schedule of 12 hours of darkness followed by 12 hours of light, they will begin to produce flowers at an increased rate.

How long did it take for your plants to reach the flowering stage? I feel like I've been waiting forever!"

The flowers of a cannabis plant refer to the hairy, often sticky bud or parts of the plant that are harvested and used to consume in a variety of marijuana products. Technically speaking, they’re the reproductive organs of the plant and when fertilized by a male plant, seeds will be produced.

“Danny prefers smoking flower over concentrates because of the high. I feel the same way actually.”

Full melt hash is concentrate (typically hash) that bubbles and melts at the slightest application of heat. Most consumers like full melt products as it often means bigger, clearer bubbles, i.e. a higher quality, top shelf hash.

"That full melt had me baked out of my mind last night!"

Plant matter that has been cryogenically frozen immediately after harvest, preserving terpenes and the characteristics of the living plant.
"The flavor on this fresh frozen live resin is superb!"
Ganja is typically referred to as the flower of the marijuana plant when smoking. The word originated from the Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit languages and its first known use was in 1689.
Let's go smoke some ganja.
The start of any marijuana plant growth cycle is called germination, specifically referring to the period when a seed cracks and sprouts a seedling. This process is intentionally triggered to force cannabis seeds out of their dormant state and back into the normal growth life cycle. Germination rates average around 80%, which translates to eight out of ten seeds typically successfully germinating in most attempts.
“I can’t get my seeds to germinate. Bummed that this grow will be delayed.”

A green out is like an alcohol-induced blackout, but in reference to consuming too much cannabis, usually through edibles or potent dabs. Although people new to cannabis are most often to experience this because they don’t know their limits, greening out can happen to anyone. If often will involve a range of uncomfortable feelings like blurry vision, nausea, paranoia, and loss of balance or hearing.

“You won’t ever forget your first green out. If you’ve never smoked before, be very careful dabbing!”
Glass is an informal term used to describe the most popular and prevalent want to consume marijuana via a pipe, bong or bubbler. A ‘piece’ can be purchased at any smoke shop (head shop) and can range anywhere between $5 to several thousand, depending on the level of intricacy of the glass blowing technique to achieve the final product. These pieces are called “heady glass” and often look more like a piece of art than a smoking device.
“I bought an amazing piece of glass at that shop on Broadway!”
A grinder is a circular metal, steel or wood device used to breakdown marijuana to make rolling joints, blunts or packing a bowl easier. You’ll find that most grinders are separated into two or three sections: a top area with small, sharp teeth and holes, which sifts the marijuana through to a lower section where one can use the broken down weed how they desire. For most higher end grinders, there will be a third section that lets kief through, which a lot of users will use to pack on top of bud in a bowl. Many people use a grinder instead of breaking apart marijuana with their fingers so as to avoid getting sticky fingers.
“Not sure how you’re rolling that blunt without a grinder. It’s going to take you forever, bro.”
Plant matter that has been cryogenically frozen immediately after harvest, preserving terpenes and the characteristics of the living plant.
"The flavor on this fresh frozen live resin is superb!"
A half-ounce is a typical unit to measure cannabis and is equivalent to 14 grams. Depending on the strain and dispensary, a half usually sells for $150.
“Can you grab me a half of OG Kush?”

Hash or hashish is the gathering of trichomes via a dry sieve or water extraction method, which end product can be pressed and ultimately consumed. This powder is potent, as trichomes contain high levels of cannabinoids (typically THC or CBD), the active part of the cannabis plant. Countries like Afghanistan are known for their hash processes that allow the product to burn more effectively. Hash oil or “honey oil” is a comparable product that’s created through a solvent-based chemical process.

“I really want to try some hash from overseas to see how it compares to what we can find in Colorado.”
Heady glass is defined as the highest quality glass blown pieces on the market, with high levels of complexity dependent on the artist’s skill level. These beautiful pieces sell for high amounts of money and often look like pieces of art.
“My new heady glass is beautiful. Probably won’t let anyone touch it though.”
Haze is a very popular strain of sativa, often stimulating creative behavior and energizing head highs. It’s thought to originate in various tropical regions of the world, specifically in Mexico, Colombia and parts of South East Asia. Haze plants are some of the tallest growing varieties of cannabis, often reaching 20 feet tall. Because of its size, it often takes longer to harvest, which makes it one of the more difficult plants to grow. Haze is commonly crossbred with indica strains to create award-winning strains like Northern Lights. Other popular strain of haze include Super Lemon Haze and XXX.
“Love smoking haze before I have to write articles – makes me so much more creative.”
An heirloom strain is a virgin breed of cannabis that hasn’t been mixed or crossbred with another, therefore maintaining its original genetics. It’s typically native to a part of the world and can be 50-100 years old.
“I would love to find an heirloom for my next harvest. Too bad that they’re hard to find around here.”
Hemp comes from Cannabis sativa, the same plant as marijuana, but only contains a small amount of the psychoactive ingredient THC. It’s a product that can be commercially produced to make numerous products like paper, rope, food, building materials, fuel and more. Although it’s known to be one of the earliest domesticated plants in the world, it’s currently being cultivated in over 30 countries across the world and is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar industry within the next decade thanks to its potential to be a renewable substitute for fossil fuels. Unfortunately, there is still a federal ban on hemp production across the United States, although some states have been given permission to grow commercially or for research and development reasons.
"You didn't hear? Hemp legalization is going to be bigger than marijuana. Just wait and see!"
A hybrid is a cross between two genetically different strains of cannabis. Hybrids can happen randomly or purposefully, but are typically done to mix two or more preferred traits of a plant to make another powerful combination. Most strains found in dispensaries are hybrids and ultimately create a diverse menu for the cannabis consumer.
"That Chemdawg hybrid is a killer combo of OG Kush and Sour Diesel."
A hydrocarbon extraction is a method that utilizes hydrocarbons like propane or butane. Such extraction processes are used to make many of the popular marijuana concentrates on the market today.
"That shop down the street uses the latest hydrocarbon extractions. So cool."
Hydroponics is a popular way to grow marijuana that utilizes a soilless system. Typically speaking, this type of gardening circulates water and nutrients to plants roots which allows one to have more control over the grow process often resulting in better end products.
"Dude, you have to grow hydro. It's the easiest way to do it."
The process of making bubble hash by hand and mixing the cannabis/ice mixture with a large metal or wooden paddle.
"I prefer hand-washed bubble hash, because it allows fr a more gentle wash than a machine."
The process of excessively torching a nail or banger to remove any reclaim or burnt-on residual concentrate.
"Wow my banger is crusty, it could probably use some major heat cleaning!"
A purging technique that is completed by hand with a metal tool and a circular whisking motion.
"Hand-whipping our wax is the perfect way to get that class wax appearance."
Short for high-terpene full spectrum extract and created through hydrocarbon extraction with an emphasis on terpene preservation.
"Man that HTFSE is full of terpenes and is super saucy, the flavor is phenomenal!"

Short for high-cannabinoid full spectrum extract and created through hydrocarbon extraction with an emphasis on cannabinoid preservation.

"Wow that HCFSE is potent, I only took one dab and I was ripped!"
These extraction processes typically involve butane, propane, pentane or hexane.
"Step into our hydrocarbon room, where we extract all of our butane and propane concentrates."
Ice wax is an extremely fine hash, known for being extracted through water. It differs from a normal hash because of its cooling process that utilizes ice and ‘fresh-frozen’ trim material.
“Wow, this ice wax is melting super quickly. Talk about a good hash!”
Indica is one of the three classifications of cannabis, alongside sativa and ruderalis. Compared to a sativa plant, Indica plants are smaller, broader and produce more bud. The majority of indicas will offer the user a very relaxing body high, which can help some people with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and more. Having originated in Asia and the Middle East, this popular species include some of the more famous kush strains like Bubba Kush and OG Kush.
“I love that Northern Lights indica strain. It’ll put me on the couch for days.”
A solvent used for extracting cannabis, as well as cleaning bongs and rigs. Isopropyl has a quick evaporation rate and can be used to make mid-grade concentrates.
"Hand me that isopropyl alcohol, I need to clean the rig!"

terpene present in cannabis, distinctive for its potent minty aroma and taste. Isopulegol is the chemical precursor to menthol and is also found in lemongrass and geranium. Some potential health benefits of isopulegol include anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and antiviral effects.

A terpene with a spicy, woody aroma. Isoborneol is also commonly used as a food additive, a flavoring agent, and a natural insect repellent. Isoborneol is an isomeric form of borneol — the isomers, or compounds, in the two are the same, but the atomic arrangements and properties are different.

A long-term pest prevention program that utilizes a combination of pest control methods to prevent pest populations from growing across the point when they will cause a loss in overall yield that is financially equal to or more than the cost incurred to prevent their growth.

Jelly hash is a potent mixture of bubble hash/water hash and hash oil. Because a user is consuming two varying types of extracts, its effects are especially powerful and particularly helpful for patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from chronic pain, nausea and much more. It’s made by mixing hash oil with water hash under heat and is known for its jelly-like texture because the oil doesn’t mix well with the water.
“My friend has been fighting his chemo treatment with jelly hash which makes his rounds that much more bearable.”
A joint is a rolled cigarette filled with marijuana. Typically speaking, one would roll a joint with very thin clean-burning rolling papers. This specific way to smoke bud is popular because it’s easy to roll (almost) anywhere, portable and effortless to discard. There are countless ways to roll a spliff, doobie, cone, etc., including smaller pinners and self-described fatties.
“Tell Ben to roll a few doobies before our hike later. I want to be prepared.”
Kief is a result of separating trichomes from the marijuana plant. Often referred to as dry sieve hash thanks to the use of screens to facilitate the extraction, kief holds the most amounts of cannabinoids, making it potent and a very pure form of concentrate. Technically, water hash or oils are purer simply because it’s close to impossible to fully detach all of the trichomes form the actual plant through a waterless extraction method.
“I can’t believe the kief that came your plant! Definitely thought it was going to be bland, then BAM!”
Kind is slang for very potent marijuana, typically with high levels of THC.
“Don’t put my kind in your bag of schwag. Are you crazy?!”
Kush is a specific indica strain of marijuana, thought to have originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. There is also an American version, called OG Kush, which is also said to have a similar lineage. A kush plant is usually smaller in stature, but always carries a unique aroma with typical relaxing or sedating effects. Some describe it as earthly, while some strains offer a distinct sweet or citrus scent. This very popular strain is available in varieties including Hindu Kush, Master Kush, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush and so many more.
“My brother only smokes kush before bed to help him sleep.”
Landrace include wild-grown sativa, indica and ruderalis strains of marijuana that are specific to a certain are of the world. These plants typically grew in isolation, meaning they adapted distinct genetic characteristics most appropriate to thrive in a particular geographic location. Most strains that we know today are a result of crossbreeding and hybridization of varying landraces.
“If you want your plants to be true and uniform, stick to crossbreeding landrace strains.”
Live resin is a term to describe an extraction method where plants are harvested within 48 hours of picking them. Typically, growers will use fresh-frozen plants to preserve the plant’s unique aroma and taste, versus dried plant matter typically used in BHO extractions. Although this process is only available with the help of modern butane extraction methods, the end result is a potent and very fresh product.
“That live resin smells just like the plant!”
A dab that is taken at low temperatures allowing for a more flavorful and smooth hit.
"This concentrate is full of terps, let's take low-temp dabs so we can taste the flavor."
Refers to a MIP that is fully licensed and compliant in its state of operation.
"Let's go to my licensed facility to make some legal extractions."
Also known as cannabis (or ganja, pot, bud and mary jane), marijuana is a broad word for a plant and its flowers that contain several psychoactive ingredients like the popular tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD. Out of the 84 total cannabinoids present in the genetic makeup of marijuana, several of these lend itself to heightened psychological and physical feelings of euphoria and relaxation used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Marijuana can be found in many forms including dried flower, concentrates, hashish, tinctures, and can be extracted and infused into butter, oil and flower, then added to any food recipe. It is consumed via smoking, vaporizing or eating. The price of marijuana differs greatly depending on the specific strain, THC content, amount and more. Historically speaking, marijuana has been illegal in many countries, which included the cultivation, transportation and consumption of the product – often resulting to it being sold on the black market. Having said this, many countries like the Netherlands have already decriminalized the plant – and others like the United States are slowly changing its marijuana reform, especially as new studies begin to emerge regarding it’s incredible medical benefits.
Mota or moto is spanish slang for marijuana, similar to weed, mary jane or bud.
“Anyone know where I can find some mota around here?”
Being “medicated” is a term similar to being stoned or high. Most recently, the medical marijuana community has coined this term to help change the stigma surrounding the consumption of marijuana.
“My back spasms were kicking up last night so I got medicated.”
Refers to the micron bag used to collect trichomes during bubble hash production. Popular micron grades include 73u, 90u, and 140u.
"73u is my favorite micron grade for bubble hash."
A small, finely perforated mesh screen used in the production of bubble hash.
"What micron screens are you using for your bubble hash?"
Short for marijuana infused products facility and a must have for any company legally producing concentrates.
"Let's head over to the MIP and start making some marijuana-infused products!"
A nail or spike is a piece of metal that’s essential to a dab or globe rig used to smoke marijuana concentrates. It’s typically made of glass, quartz or titanium and is heated to a specific temperature (typically by a hand torch) and then touched with a piece of concentrate via a dabber/wand, that is consequently vaporized. The resulting vapor is inhaled and results in a high for the user.
“Always make sure the nail gets red hot before you touch the wand to it!”
Not commonly used, nectar often refers to the process of making hash oil only from flower nugs, rather than trim.
"John is a purist, he only dabs nectar."
A term that explains to a consumer that only marijuana nugs were used as the primary extraction material. Nug-run is typically more expensive that trim run and is used to make higher quality concentrates.
"This nug-run shatter was more expensive, but I am loving the enhanced quality and flavor!"
The OG strain is believed to originate in Southern California. Commonly referred to as OG Kush (Ocean Grown Kush), it has grown in popularity since the late 1990’s. Because of its rapid growing recognition, this very potent and unique medical-grade strain has traveled the world resulting in many OG strain varieties with different phenotypes. It’s mostly a leaves users with long-lasting psychoactive effects.
“Hey man. Do you know where to find the real OG Kush?”
Oil is a shortened term for hash oil (or butane honey oil, wax, shatter, budder), which is a marijuana extract and golden in color. Users can smoke oil, use it in a vaporizer or eat them in edibles.
“I love making my own oil at home. Makes my brownies taste amazing!”
An ounce is four quarters or 28 grams of marijuana (technically 28.35 grams). People may buy an ounce of weed to save some money, as they’re technically buying in bulk. Often referred to as an “oz” (oh-zee).
“Since we’re a rec store in Denver, we can only sell you up to an ounce.”
A one hitter (or one-y, dugout) is a piece of marijuana paraphernalia that includes a small hole with a thin pipe in the shape of a cigarette and an attached box that can only store a few nugs of marijuana. A user would insert the pipe into the box to pack the end with product. Because it’s such a small ‘bowl’, a user will only be able to get one hit, hence the appropriate namesake.
“I always keep my one-y in my bag in case I need to be discreet at the show.”
Usually conducted in a glass or metal tube, open blasting is the process of solvent-based extraction done without a closed-loop system.
"I hope you're not open blasting, you know that is illegal right?"
A percolator is an extra water chamber common in many water pipes. The additional piece allows for a larger amount of filtration between the smoke and the water by diffusion, resulting in a better inhalation. There are many variations of a water pipe percolator, including single and double percolators.
“Just bought a dome percolator for my pipe and it gives me such a smoother hit.”
When it comes to growing cannabis, a plant’s phenotype is important because it determines a strain’s taste, effectiveness, look and more. Simply put, phenotype is a word used to successfully identify a plant’s inherent traits. Every strain has two parent plants, including a male and female. Like in most breeding of organisms, when a male plant fertilizes a female plant, the seeds that are produced will include genetic phenotypes from both plants. Because people like varying traits from different strains, growers can make a specific strain based on those preferred characteristics.
“That hybrid Pineapple and indica Master Kush creates quite the Pineapple Kush phenotype!”
Pinner is slang for a thin marijuana cigarette containing a small amount of marijuana. Usually rolled tightly, the shape resembles that of a pin.
Pistils are only found on female plants and take on a large role during the reproduction cycle. These tiny hairs are found on the flower or bud and can be very colorful depending on how mature the plant is. A pistil collects pollen from the male plant when it’s being fertilized, but will not impact the flower’s flavor or overall effectiveness.
“I’m trying to keep my plant’s pistils away from male plants, so I can grow some potent sensimilla.”
A pre-roll is a joint or blunt of marijuana that was prepared before its intended time of consumption. One can purchase pre-rolls at a dispensary, which prove to be helpful if you don’t want to roll a joint yourself.
“I pre-rolled a few blunts for tonight’s show. Hope you don’t mind.”
Pot is an informal, slang term for marijuana.
“I'm headed to the pot shop to make a purchase.”
Pressed hash is made from compressed resin glands (or trichomes) after the initial extraction period and is brown in color. It’s made with large amounts of pressure or heat with the intent of making the product dense to keep it fresher longer. Pressed hash is traditionally made in countries including Morocco, Lebanon and Afghanistan and can be consumed in typical marijuana tools like a pipe, bong, vaporizer or in a joint.
“Why smoke flower, when you can smoke pressed hash and get super high?!”
A special carrying case for dab rigs or other valuable fragile objects.
"Let's bring the rig hiking with us today, we can put it in my pelican case!"
A term for cannabis flower, before it’s been processed and turned into oil.
"Don't smoke that flower, it's my pre-run stash."
Parts per million, the standard measurement of residual solvents, as well as other contaminants such as mold and pesticides found within cannabis products.
How many PPM of propane does that hash have? None? Cool I'll dab that."
A solvent used in the creation of PHO, propane is often considered to produce higher quality concentrates than butane.
"We're using propane for our extraction today, hopefully it will make some fire concentrates!"
References a consistency of shatter. Evident in its name, it is malleable and can be stretched, but snaps when a quick, rigid motion is inflicted upon it.
"Hey, break me off a fat dab of that pull 'n' snap."
The process of removing residual solvent from a concentrate.
"I won't dab that concentrate until after proper purging."
A small, circular-shaped dish that attaches to the joint of a dab rig and can be heated to extremely high temperatures and used to vaporize concentrates.
"Take your dab man, the quartz banger is at the perfect temperature!"
The process of cleaning your nail or banger with a q-tip after every use to maintain the freshness of the nail. Q-tipping should be conducted immediately after a dab is taken, while the nail is still hot.
"If you don't use Q-Tip tech on my banger I'm going to be irritated!"
When trichomes are stripped from plant using alcohol (specifically isopropyl), the end product is hash oil, better known as “QWISO” hash oil, or quick-was isopropyl hash oil.
"Hey, let's dab some of that flame QWISO!"
Recreational drug use is used to intentionally change one’s state of consciousness in order to produce feelings of elation. In the cannabis industry (specifically in states like Colorado and Washington), recreational marijuana can be purchased at a recreational dispensary by anyone (in state or out of state) who is 21 years or older with a valid government-issued ID.
“I can’t wait to go a rec shop when I visit Colorado next month. Can’t believe it’s legal!”
Resin refers to the trichomes that are used to create hash. It’s also a term that references the sticky residue that amasses on the inside of a bowl (or other marijuana paraphernalia) after smoking product in it again and again. Resin can be scraped from the inside of the piece to remove a clog – or alternatively smoked, but this is usually done as a last resort because it contains lower THC levels and impurities.
“Can’t believe that we resorted to smoking that resin. Talk about a harsh high.”
A roach is the end of a joint and is often too small to be smoked for fear of burning ones fingers. As a result, a roach is typically smoked with a roach clip or saved with other roaches to be used in another, stronger joint or added to a bowl. A roach is brown in color because of it high resin consistency due to smoke deposits settling each time it’s inhaled.
“Dude, grab those roaches. Haven’t been to the shop to re-up yet.”
A rig is a unique pipe with a nail or skillet, used to consume concentrates like wax or shatter. “Dabbing” involves heating the nail on the rig to a specific temperature with a handheld torch, which evaporates a dab of concentrate when placed on the heated device. This form of consumption is different than smoking from a bowl or pipe with flower and produces a purer inhalation. Dabbing with a rig is quickly gaining popularity in the cannabis industry.
“I need to find a dank rig to try out this new wax I got from Max.”
Ruderalis is one of the three main variations of cannabis, including indica and sativa. Although this plant is less common than the other two and grows to approximately 2 feet high, it is known to autoflower with age, versus with a light cycle. Ruderalis is very high in cannabidiol or CBD.
“Your plants grow so fast.” “Yeah, that’s because they’re a ruderalis strain from Amsterdam!”
Residual concentrate that is collected within a dab rig during the process of dabbing. Reclaimed concentrates are less potent than actual concentrates.
"I need to clean my rig, there is a ton of reclaim built-up."
Any remaining solvent contained within a concentrate post-extraction and purging. The FDA has very strict limits on the amount of residual solvent allowed in products.
"Send that concentrate back to the refinement lab, it has way too much residual solvent."
A piece of machinery used to evaporate and recover ethanol from ethanol-extracted concentrates.
"I don't want to waste my expensive ethanol, let's use the rotary evaporator to recover it to be used again."
Sativa is a shorter, less scientific name for the specific species of cannabis plant. This variety began along the equator in areas and can be traced back to parts of the Middle East, Asia and South America. The plant typically matures at a slower rate than other species, but tends to grow a lot taller as well (over 5 feet) with loose branches and narrow leaves – often delivering more product as a direct result. Sativas are well known for their energetic and uplifting cerebral effects, often to treat depression and encourage creativity and amiability. Having said this, consuming a sativa can sometimes increase anxiety in users, causing racing thoughts and paranoia.
“I prefer to smoke a sativa when I go for a hike. It keeps me awake and energetic, instead of feeling a heavier body high after smoking an indica.”
Schwag is a word to describe low-quality marijuana that’s typically brown in color, and very dry. Most often, a lot of seeds and stems will need to be removed before smoking the actual weed. Even then, schwag is flavorless and will not be covered in trichomes, which is always a sign of quality bud.
“Call me a weed snob, but you won’t catch me smoking that schwag – ever.”
Shatter is a type of concentrate that is believed to be the purest and most potent type of marijuana product. Shatter, or butane hash oil, is created through an extraction process that eliminates fats and lipids. It’s typically transparent and easily breaks into fragments. Users can add shatter to a bowl of flower or melt it and inhale the resulting smoke, known as dabbing.
“Let’s get super high and add a dab of shatter on that bowl!”
For those who don’t grow cannabis, sensimilla may sound like a specific strain, when in actuality, it’s a female plant that has been prevented from being fertilized and therefore grows without seeds. Most people want to grow sensimilla plants because it produces flower with a higher THC content, versus putting all of its energy into producing seeds. Having said this, sensimilla plants are rare because they’re unable to reproduce until it’s fertilized.
“My last batch was full of hermies, so I’m trying to grow only sensimilla this time!”
Skunk refers to a strain of cannabis that is very powerful, and smells pungent, similar to that of a spray from a skunk. The strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid thought to have been discovered in the US, and is currently found in about half of all cannabis gene pools thanks to it’s popularity in the Netherlands.
“Is there a skunk nearby? Something smells so strong? Oh wait, it’s just your weed.”
Shatter or Ice are terms referring to butane hash oil.
"My friend just made a huge batch of ice from his latest grow."
A cannabis strain is a particular kind of plant species, either in a pure or hybrid variety like sativa or indica found in both the recreational and medical arenas. Each strain is grown to increase certain traits of the plant, with names being chosen by the actual grower to mirror the strain’s color, taste, smell, origin or physical effect on the user. There are hundreds of strains available, with more being produced everyday thanks to the many options to crossbreed. It’s important to note that the medical marijuana industry is trying to maintain some type of consistency between each strain, but unfortunately, many of them are misclassified or marketed improperly causing confusion for the dispensary owner or buyer.
“What’s your favorite kind of strain?” “I prefer an indica, especially when my chronic back pain starts flaring up!”
A spliff is a joint rolled with tobacco and marijuana, typically in a European conical style shape. The term is also used in reference to a really nice, well-rolled joint.
“Running low on weed. Let’s roll a spliff instead!”
Single source concentrates that have been created from a company that grows its own flower from seed.
"I'm really liking the smoothness of this seed-to-sale concentrate."
Similar to the process of a new cast-iron skillet, the process of conditioning a nail or banger to better accentuate concentrate flavor.
"That dab tasted whack, are you sure your nail has undergone proper seasoning?"
A large amount of hash oil in a large, single piece.
"Break out the slab, I want to do a bunch of dabs!"
A solvent is just a liquid in which something is dissolved to form a solution. In extraction, a solvent is a liquid used to separate the psychoactive compound THC from the cannabis flower.
"Hey what type of solvent did you use to extract this concentrate?"
The process of reusing solvent either by pumping it back into its tank, or evaporating and collecting it.
"We need to make sure we're utilizing our solvent to the fullest potential, be sure to use solvent recovery machines so we can reuse our solvent."

A recent term used to describe a hydrocarbon extraction that has been fully cleansed of all residual solvent. Solvent-free has 0 ppm residual solvent, but was still originally a solvent-based extraction.

"Let's dab some more of that solvent-free concentrate!"

A shift in the consistency of cannabis concentrates that have not been dewaxed. Typically, a clear concentrate will "sugar up" if left out in areas with high exposure to light or heat. "Sugared" cannabis concentrates resemble the name and can take on a granulated, cloudy form. Exposure to heat, light and air can cause spontaneous nucleation of cannabinoids, subsequently purging some terpenes, lipids and waxes. Generally considered an undesirable but innocuous transformation, possibly losing some flavor in the process, but retaining overall potency.

"How long has this gram of shatter been left out for? It's sugaring up pretty good!"

An expensive piece of extraction machinery that uses CO2 as the primary solvent to produce refined, calibrated, and high-quality results.
"Fire up the super-critical botanical extractor, we need to make a lot of CO2-extracted concentrate!"
Terpenes are any group of hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of a plant. Terpenes are chemical compounds found in cannabis that produce the distinct flavor and smell of the flower. In cannabis, terpenes are produced by secretory cells found within glandular trichomes. These specific compounds are accountable for the hundreds of variances between strains including flavor and smell. Because terpenes are so sensitive to low temperatures, it’s imperative to keep cannabis in cooler settings. Most recently, terpenes have entered into the medical marijuana arena to aid particular ailments or issues.
“That OG Kush shows a wild terpene profile, it is like eating a pile of lemon zest.”
Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) is the most recognized cannabinoid in the marijuana plant. First isolated in 1964, THC is accountable for its well-known psychoactive effects, which effectively causes someone to feel high. Unlike CBD (another popular cannabinoid), THC delivers a lighter, cleaner high that can increase creativity and more. This famous cannabinoid has also been used medicinally to treat various issues, including lack of appetite.
“My favorite strain has 18.5% THC, which gives me a clean, energized high that’s awesome.”
A tincture is a liquid form of marijuana, typically made from glycerin (sweeter) or alcohol (harsher). The majority of tinctures are flavored and distributed via an eyedropper under the tongue for faster absorption into the body. Some people relate tincture highs to that of an edible, but without consuming actual food. After taking a tincture directly, a user will typically feel its results in a shorter time period than that of consuming an edible.
“I have a low appetite, but love a good body high, hence why I love tinctures.”
A topical is any type of cannabis product, including lotions, balms or creams that are applied to the outside of a user’s body to help with medicinal issues like body pain, skin problems, etc. Although these lotions showcase specific cannabinoids extracts like THC, topicals won’t actually get you high. The product is absorbed through the skin, so many users like the less aggressive approach to consuming marijuana.
“I can’t tell you how much better my knees feel after using that topical.”
Trichomes are crystalized glands that produce resin on a marijuana plant. Often referred to as “sticky little hairs”, these glands are not actually hairs or crystals (although they’re still very beautiful close-up). Instead, they’re specific parts of the plant that carry the majority of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and cover the plants major surfaces. Under a microscope, trichomes look like mini mushrooms, with each section providing certain value to the plant. The head is most valuable and is frequently turned into a quality sieve or water hash.
“Check out those trichome heads on our Pineapple Express. We’re definitely making it into a killer sieve this week.”
A torch is a tool that heats propane to produce a large, consistent flame, typically used to heat up a rig when consuming dabs. This unique way of smoking concentrates (wax, shatter, etc.) called dabbing, is dependent on heating the surface to the right temperature so as to fully dissolve the product upon contact. Torches come in varying sizes, but the medium version is recommended so as to not cause unwanted oxidation or not risk not having enough of a flame to successfully heat up the rig.
“Man, our torch is out of juice. Let’s grab one ASAP so we can hit these dank dabs.”
After marijuana plants are mature, they’re harvested within a certain time frame to keep the product fresh. Throughout the growth cycle and during this specific time period after the plant has been harvested, a grower will trim the plant of its leaves, focusing mostly on the remaining buds. Specifically speaking, trim is defined as the excess snipping of leaves from buds of marijuana plants. Note that leftover product can still be used to make extractions, tinctures, hash and edibles, so growers and trimmers alike can always increase sales with a larger product offering.
“So much trim was produced from that last batch. Let’s make some shatter!”
The process of isolating and extracting terpenes directly from cannabis flowers through molecular distillation.
"Terpene distillation will help us collect the best terpenes to sell to our customers."
A cannabis grinder made up of three segments, a grinding segment, a flower collection segment with a metal screen, and a kief-collection segment.
"Check out this new three-chambered grinder I just got, it collects tons of kief!"
A vaporizer pen (or vape pen) is a smaller version of a regular vaporizer. It’s portable and typically uses pre-filled cartridges available in varying sizes and types of cannabis, including Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids. In some variations, there is an option to fill the chamber with your own flower or concentrate. Vape pens and their sister product, e-cigarettes, have gained popularity within the world of marijuana because of its discreetness and lack of smell when used, which makes for a great option at a show, sporting event, bar, etc.
“It’s time for the second set. Can I take a hit of your vape pen before we go back in?”
The most popular type of solvent purging equipment; uses heat and negative pressure to strip concentrate slurry of residual solvent.
"Buying a vacuum oven was a great investment, all of my concentrate is superbly purged now."
The vegetative stage of cannabis is the primary phase of the plant’s growth cycle when it’s actually growing versus yielding bud. In nature, plants receive over 12 hours of sunlight in the summer and will remain in a vegetative state. As the seasons change, there is less light, so the plant will begin to flower. If one is growing inside, there is more control over the light cycles, therefore the plant can move from the vegetative to the flowering stage whenever the grower wants.
“To get the most bud from your plants, allow them to stay in a vegetative state until they’re about 3-4 nodes tall and with stems that are 5-6mm thick.”
Water hash, also known as ice water hash or bubble hash, is a specific technique to separate THC trichomes to isolate the resin in cannabis. Using micro screens, ice and water, one can effectively strain out resin glands that are inherently more dense than water. Because big quantities of pure resin can be removed from the plant material, water ice water separation is a cleaner method that doesn’t involve other solvents and allows for a more refined hashish – a product that’s made from compressed trichomes.
“Making water hash at home is easy and so much cleaner than other extraction methods.”
Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that’s created when the plant is dissolved into a solvent. It’s considered to be a lot more potent than smoking regular flower because it packs a big punch of THC (the psychoactive ingredient) each time it’s consumed. Wax is often opaque and is favored by many because it’s easy to handle and can be used with a rig or on top of a bowl for one serious hit.
“Just made some wax at my grow. Want to add some to that bowl and give it a try?”
Weed is another, slang term for marijuana. It’s frequently used, specifically in reference to flower.
“You better bring some weed to smoke on our hike!”
Naturally occurring substances found within the cannabis plant. Waxes and lipid fats are often removed during shatter production (see dewaxing).
"Be sure to dewax that shatter to remove all the waxes and lipid fats."
A term describing the product used during extraction. Whole plant is usually extracted as fresh frozen to extract all the ‘live’ terpenes and cannabinoids.
"Wow this fresh frozen whole plant live resin is off the charts with flavor!"

A more thorough form of dewaxing that uses a secondary solvent (typically ethanol) to help purge wax and lipid materials. While winterizing removes more unwanted material than other dewaxing methods, it destroys more terpenes. Ideal for longer preservation, but at the loss of flavor and full-spectrum effect.

"Hey Michelle, instead of dewaxing your concentrates, try winterization! It's great for longer preservation and oils that will go into vape cartridges."