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Compassionate Care Consultants in Pittsburgh specializes in medical marijuana evaluations for patients to obtain marijuana card in accordance with the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Medical Program.

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First-Time Patients

1st Appointment: $175 (lowest price in the state)

Renewal: $140

Follow-up: $75 (if needed)


We carefully discusses with each patient the benefits and proper use of medical marijuana to effectively help patients with their conditions.

Compassionate Care Consultants now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and other nearby towns.

Residents of Pennsylvania living in Pittsburgh seeking greener, healthier living may pursue medical marijuana recommendations through the respectful and caring services of Compassionate Care Consultants. The staff behind Compassionate Care Consultants understand that many who suffer from qualified medical conditions but cannot find respite with modern medicine and its pharmaceuticals. That is why Compassionate Care Consultants and our registered medical marijuana doctor/physicians and group of providers have set out to provide Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania patients with alternative pathways to health.

Often, those who slip through the cracks of modern medicine can find relief through medical marijuana. The owner is a medical professional trained in surgery and currently practicing as a primary care physician, has witnessed hundreds of suffering patients turned away by physicians who refuse to evaluate those in need. So, he founded Compassionate Care Consultants in Pittsburgh to provide compassionate relief to those left behind. Instead of assessing his patients with recommendations and sending them on their way into the wide world of medical marijuana and its multitude of treatments, Our group of MMJ doctors provide our patients with invaluable cannabis education. We assists patients in understanding the various cultivars, cannabis legislation, and even provides his patients with information regarding the different modes of consumption. Compassionate Care Consultants stand by their patients; they believe by empowering patients with medical cannabis education, they will be able to make better decisions regarding their health. For any more information, please contact Compassionate Care Consultants in Butler County today.

Pittsburgh patients interested in acquiring a medical marijuana recommendation through Compassionate Care Consultants must first submit an online patient application to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program website. Once patients have received patient ID number, they must contact Compassionate Care Consultants to schedule an appointment with our group of certified physician. He will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations. Patients are then able to access their treatments legally across the state.

Local Legislation:
Prospective medical cannabis patients throughout Pennsylvania must provide proof that they suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition including seizures, persistent muscle spasms, or chronic pain among a number of other conditions.

Service Locations:
The stellar staff of Compassionate Care Consultants is excited to serve the entire greater Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania. From Butler County and beyond, patients laud Compassionate Care medical cannabis physiciands for their compassion, care, and respect. Cannabis patients have driven in from as far as Greensburg to visit Compassionate Care Consultants for recommendations, renewals, and more.


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