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We are only seeing patinets who are HIV positive. We are not doing certifications for any of the other qualifying conditions.

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New patients can download the Patient Intake and Consent Form and fill it out prior to their dispensary visit to reduce wait times. Patients who have visited our Uniontown dispensary will not need to complete the same paperwork in Pittsburgh.

To provide patients with real-time, updated information on what’s currently in stock, we have switched to a new menu format below. You can click on individual product items in the below menu to see strain data and other useful information from Leafly.
We value patient feedback! Send a note to contact@maitrimeds.com if you’d like to let us know what you think of the menu switch.

Our mission is to promote wellness in our community by fostering our patient's whole self. Our focus is on culturally competent care by striving to understand what our client's needs are and how we can treat them holistically.

We strive to understand and support our wide range of clients' cultural and personal beliefs. We foster the LGBTQIA and HIV+ patient by understanding the unique needs of those clients. We support harm reduction as well as recovery and no one is judged or shunned by their personal behaviors; because we know trust is a process that takes time and effort to nurture.


Dr. Stacy Lane is now certified to certify patients to receive medical marijuana patient cards. Please call our office if you are an existing patient, have one of the qualifying conditions, and would like to make an appointment.

How do I receive a medical marijuana card?

1. Make sure you have one of the “qualifying conditions” before you apply. 
2. You must be an established, regular patient with us Central Outreach Wellness Center.
3. Go to the PA DOH Medical Marijuana website and click on “ patients and caregivers ” and create a patient account. Follow the instructions carefully because they are very specific with how they want the information entered. The information must EXACTLY match your PA Drivers License or ID card. If your name, address, or other information is not correct, you MUST update your PA identification first.
4. Once you input your demographic information, make a follow-up appointment with us at the clinic. Here, you will fill out a medical marijuana contract, and a provider will review and potentially approve your medical certification for medical marijuana. Again, you MUST have one of the 12 qualifying conditions listed above.
5. You will get an email from Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana if/when your certification is approved by a physician. Once approved, log on again to the PA DOH Medical Marijuana website with your user name and email created. You will be required to pay Pennsylvania $50 dollars to obtain your Medical Marijuana Patient card. There are discounts available for those with State Insurance (Medicaid, CHIP, etc).
6. Once you get your license, you will be able to go to a medical marijuana dispensary - these are currently set to open in early 2018; they are NOT open yet.
Every year you will have to renew your application at Central Outreach Wellness Center, so it is important to keep up to date on routine appointments.
If you are having trouble creating an account call the Pennsylvania medical marijuana help desk at 888-733-5595.

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